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May 6, 2021

4 Delicious Cannabis Chocolates to Enjoy Right Now

Whether you’re seeking the benefits of THC, CBD or a combination of both, there are many different ways to consume cannabis. Considering the most common symptom of COVID-19 is respiratory-related, some customers are leaning towards edibles for peace of mind. While still relieving anxiety, stress, and insomnia, cannabis products in the form of edibles will not affect your respiratory system.

Besides, who doesn’t love some tasty chocolate?


Fireside Cannabis’ Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel (Hybrid | THC: 5mg)
This sweet and salty combination is simply amazing. Traditional caramel paired within robust dark chocolate (high in antioxidants & rich in nutrients) with a subtle THC flavour followed by fine salt shavings - giving you that energizing, calming effect.

Trailblazer’s SNAX Pure Milk Chocolate (Hybrid | THC: 10 mg)
A bold take on a classic. Trailblazer SNAX Milk contains 42 g of the flavour you know and love. Smooth, balanced, and creamy milk chocolate made with 38% quality cocoa. It is infused with THC, using 90% pure THC distillate, a virtually tasteless, odourless extract to ensure uncompromised taste and rich milk chocolate flavour.

Bytes Milk Chocolate Truffles (Hybrid | THC: 5mg)
First-time consumers looking to microdose - this could be for you. It comes with two 5 mg THC pieces designed for sharing, dividing 10 mg of THC between two equal portions. Effects include calmness and a sense of relaxation.

Legend’s THC Orange Dark Chocolate (Hybrid | THC: 10mg)
This orange dark chocolate combines 10mg of THC with premium 70 percent dark chocolate. The citrus plays off the incredibly aromatic quality of the chocolate. Cut into four equal pieces, every bite is truly a euphoric experience.


If you’re trying edibles for the first time, choose a product with a low level of THC or a high amount of CBD. As tempting as it may be, we recommend never overdoing it with chocolates. Don’t consume more than the recommended dose. Edibles take longer for the body to process, so instant results are not to be expected. Wait at least 2 hours to feel either a body or head high.

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