Green cannabis pipe in woman's hand

May 6, 2021

7 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis, the various methods of consumption can seem overwhelming, but do not fret! We’re here to educate you on what each method is all about!

Joints are one of the most iconic ways to consume cannabis. They consist of cannabis rolled up inside a thin specialty paper. The rolling paper can be made from various plants (hemp, bamboo, rice, etc.). Joints are small and portable; you can spark them wherever and whenever you please. To save you some time, pre-rolled joints are always available at Garden City Cannabis.

With the most beautiful artistic designs, hand pipes are one of the most common smoking devices used today. They’re very simple to use, convenient, small and portable. They work by trapping the smoke produced from burning cannabis, which is then inhaled. For many, hand pipes have flourished into a way to express an individual's creative mind. Did you know that some pipes can be disguised to be everyday objects? We have countless creative styles, both for decor and functionality.

In some form or another, bongs have been around for centuries. It is an elongated water pipe with one or multiple chambers. Usually made out of glass and available in all shapes and sizes, bongs are a great way to obtain quick effects. What separates this method from other consumption methods is the water filtration, which works by filtering the smoke - giving you a smoother hit.

Vapes are a great choice for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers and have a significant odour reduction. A vape heats the flower to a high enough temperature to extract cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, but don't worry - the temperature is too low to produce harmful toxins that are released during combustion. There is a diverse landscape of vape products, and the market continues to expand as technology improves. Check out our Budtenders’ favourite vape resin!

Looking for a happy medium? This one’s for you! Ingestible oils are a perfect balance between edibles and concentrates. Cannabis oil is a thick extract from the flowers of the plant. It can contain over 100 active cannabinoid compounds. You may ask, what are cannabinoids? To put it bluntly, the two main ones are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that gets you high, while CBD is better known for its non-euphoric feeling, producing physical benefits, such as reducing pain and easing migraines. Oils are more concentrated than dried flowers, so when using oils you'll feel the recreational or medical effects of the cannabinoids more intensely.

When it comes to delivering a precise, highly efficient dose, cannabis capsules are hard to beat. We recommend you read the dosage directions and THC and CBD quantities carefully. With cannabis capsules, because our bodies metabolize them through the liver instead, they take much longer to feel something but last a lot longer. These are an excellent choice for those wanting steady, long-term relief from symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, or digestive issues.  

Edibles are a smoke-free alternative to consuming dried cannabis. They come in the form of foods and drinks, such as chocolate, gummy candies, and fizzy beverages. All are infused with cannabis extracts or concentrates, which include THC and CBD. Be careful with the amount you are consuming. The onset time to feel the effects of edibles is typically longer than when inhaling cannabis. While cannabis treats can be bought in-store, they can also be made at home. The magical butter maker is a great tool for making homemade cannabutter!

Before purchasing any cannabis product, always read the label or the information available on our website to understand the amount of THC and CBD the product contains. Our Budtenders are always happy to assist and answer any questions!