July 23, 2022

“ALL NIAGARA” Summer Playlist

Made in Niagara. Just like us 😊 

Kick back, roll one up and take a listen to our hand-picked ALL NIAGARA summer playlist. 
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1. White Pigeon Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns 

2. By the Oceanside Sleepy Jean

3. Great Minuscule

4. All The Reaching Trims Daniel Romano  

5. Turn Down Feeling Strange Shakes

6. Take The Money Giancarlo & The Scarfones

7. Honey Gravely James

8. Peggy's Ticket To The Moon JIN

9. So Different Pindles

10. Where The Cattle Cross Casey Baker

11. Hitchhiker Brett Friesen

12. Indomitable DJ Shub

13. Roughneck Donny & The Beatchef

14. Smile My Son The Hurricane

15. Oiled Up DRFRT

16. Swimming Away Great Lake Swimmers

17. Hindsight Road Waves

18. Horseback Spencer Burton

19. Catch A Cab Ase Mor

20. Gasline Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns

21. Wolf Days Diz James

22. Young Leaves Attack In Black

23. The Beauty Beyond Joe Lapinski

24. A Lot Of Questions Arih SK

25. Burnt Chips Mel Monaco  

26. Let Loose Crabrat

27. Lightning The Mandevilles

28. Lemonade Renegade iLL Table Manners

29. Vulture Whatzername

30. Bar Down Revive The Rose

31. Call Me Out Majora

32. Buddy (Put Your Dukes Up) Jesse T. Reid

33. Love Astronaut Street Pharmacy

34. Gazebo Of Love Ceremonial Snips

35. DIY Foolproof

36. 444 Ashley Sienna

37. Homegrown Donny & The Beatchef

38. Or What P8e

39. Leave That Guy (Live) Mark Lalama Trio

40. Tiny Umbrella Danica Bucci

41. Head Heavy Theatre Crisp

42. Carry On Breaking Still

43. Basement Days The Maysides


Hope you enjoy! 

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