Several people hiking through a stream of water

June 5, 2021

5 Ideal Pre-Rolls for Daytime Recreation

Headed out for a hike? Going golfing? Perhaps a little creative writing? 
These 5 (no assembly required) pre-rolls are a great option to help energize the exciting day ahead of you.

Cannabis strains are unique and will have very different effects on your mind and body. Some are ideal for relaxing at night while others are better suited for active recreation. Terpenes like myrcene, beta-pinene, caryophyllene and terpineol are encouraging of an aromatherapeutic experience that will fight off fatigue. These 5 mid-range THC Sativas are known to inspire stimulated focus and are ideal for A.M. consumption.


Jack Haze Pre-Roll 2-pack | 1g

THC: 20.5%
CBD: 1%

In tribute to cannabis activist Jack Herer's namesake strain, 7ACRES has developed a Sativa-dominant cultivar with a unique combination of sharp lemon, crisp pine and warm spice notes. 7ACRES Jack Haze was a result of a large genetic selection program, with the goal of finding a novel Sativa expression. This particular phenotype stood out among the rest, as it possessed both the sweet haze notes characteristic of a haze cultivar, along with the distinct spice aroma which has made Jack Herer a favourite amongst the cannabis community for years.


DT81 Pre-Roll 7-Pack | 3.5g

THC: 19.2%
CBD: 1.99%

RIFF expertly grows and cures all its dried flower to deliver quality flavour and smoothness. This Sativa-dominant strain has frosty green buds with burnt orange hairs. RIFF pre-rolls are expertly crafted for consistency and convenience. DT81 has a balance of native terpenes including terpinolene, caryophyllene, humulene, and beta-pinene. This flavourful strain has citrusy, tart and sweet notes.


Strain Hunters Franco's Lemon Cheese Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g


THC: 16.2%

CBD: 1%

This strain pays tribute to the late Franco Loja, the celebrated Strain Hunter who travelled far and wide in search of rare landrace strains. Sativa-dominant, with surprising notes of cheddar and lemon, (beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene) this snowy green bud celebrates a beautiful legacy. There’s so much history wrapped into our 0.5-gram Strain Hunters’ pre-rolls, which are grown sustainably and packaged with ecofriendly materials. They’re always at the ready with a smooth and even burn.


Denman Pre-Roll | 0.5g

THC: 16.4%
CBD: 0.1%

Now available in a convenient pre-roll format, Denman (AKA Pie in the Sky) is a mostly Sativa hybrid with bright green with perfectly shaped flowers and a nice dusting of trichomes. This strain has one of the most unique and strong terpene profiles of Broken Coast's offerings. Dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene offer enticing aromas of key lime pie and orange zest which translates exactly into the flavour profile. This highly Sativa dominant variety is clear and energetic, perfect for daytime enjoyment. A complex terpene profile enhances the overall Sativa-live journey. (75% Sativa/25% Indica).


BC Organic Blue Dream Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

THC: 19.7%
CBD: 2%

Simply Bare's version of this Sativa-dominant strain uses only FVOPA Organic Certified whole flower. She’s exceptionally aromatic giving a strong blueberry aroma with a warm and peppery terpene profile. Like any good dream, she’s both sweet and spicy. This is single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand.

Sativa Hybrid  | Terpenes > 3%
Myrcene 1.37%
Caryophyllene 0.72%
Ocimene 0.60%
Humulene 0.28%