A delicious-looking feast

June 11, 2021

Cannabis & Food Pairings

Move over, wine. 
This weekend we're pairing our meals with cannabis!

There are similarities between cannabis and wine pairings, and when broken down, it’s the science that helps understand. With wine, we talk a lot about tannins and how they complement a meal’s fatty proteins. But within any grape, a unique terpene profile also exists. It carries through to the wine and when paired with food, further helps create a marriage of impressive flavours. Terpenes also naturally occur in cannabis, and when thoughtfully paired with the right foods, they can enhance your experience and create something more delicious than either of its individual parts.

Two of the most important factors to take into consideration when successfully pairing cannabis with food are complimentary WEIGHT and TASTE.

With food, WEIGHT is determined by richness and body. You wouldn’t pair steak with a light white wine or a heavy red with your salad. The same theory can be applied here. With cannabis, weight refers to both its potency and effect. Typically, a heavy, tannic red wine is also higher in alcoholic content. It better compliments the robust flavours of a heavy meal. This is also true with THC.

TASTE is what it’s all about. It’s why we’re here, why you’re reading this and what makes these pairings something special. Achieving success is a matter of matching or complimenting flavours. It’s very important that you pay attention to your meal’s ingredients and the terpene profile of your desired cannabis. It’s often recommended that lighter foods, like fish, chicken and dips pair with terpenes that are also lighter in flavour. To be clear, I don’t mean less flavorful, but rather a flavour that is less outspoken. For example, citric terpenes like limonene or terpinolene have a distinct lemon, orange peel aroma. You can see how that aromatic profile would pair well with fish or chicken. On the other side of that coin, earthy and spicy terpenes like beta-caryophyllene and myrcene pair well with rich foods, like steak, mushrooms and pasta.

Fish taco

Fish Tacos and OGEN LEMON Z

Add another element of fresh citrus to your favourite fish-taco recipe. Strains with a strong limonene terpene profile will complement the weight of the fish and match the flavours typically present in the fixings. A splash of lime across the taco always helps.

SUGGESTION: Try it with mango salsa and hot peppers


Steak and Greybeard Afghan Drifter

The Afghan Drifter has the weight to stand up against the bold flavours of steak. Additionally, it’s known to have a hash-like, earthier terpene profile. This pairing is harder to accomplish but something with strong myrcene, caryophyllene properties will strong-arm more of a spicy or clove-like musk in the dish.

SUGGESTION: Try it with sauteed mushrooms.

Pad Thai

Pad-Thai (Vegan, chicken or shrimp) and SHRED Tropic Thunder

The key to this pairing is finding a strain with terpenes that exhibit tropical fruit flavours. Orange, mango and pineapple will accentuate the flavour. Whereas earthy characteristics might overwhelm your dish.