2nd Annual: Niagara Canna Cares Food Drive

November 30, 2022

2nd Annual: Niagara Canna Cares Food Drive


Where Niagara Cannabis shops put competition aside for the holidays and give back to our community.

Niagara Canna Cares is a friendly food drive between some of your favorite Niagara-run cannabis shops. 
Last year, 7 dispensaries came together for Niagara Canna Cares and managed to collect a grand total of 12 food donation bins for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold. This year, it's going to be even better! 
First off… We have an awesome roster of your favourite Niagara dispensaries. 

Niagara Shops Come Together for Holiday Food Drive | Niagara Canna Cares

We’re expanding further out into Niagara and working with more food banks. In St. Catharines and Thorold donations go to Community Care. In Welland, donations go to The Hope Center. In Fort Erie donations go to The Salvation Army and in Niagara Falls, donations go to Project Share. This way each store's donations will be distributed more directly to the city that the store is in. More than anything else, we want our efforts to have a meaningful impact on our community. This is a better path to accomplishing that. 

Local Shops for a Local Cause

Take Off Cannabis in Thorold blew the rest of us out of the water and was crowned “Grand Champion” of last year's drive. They did an incredible job and are well-deserving of the (non-existent) crown. For now! 

Make sure you follow these accounts and keep up with the competition: 

Take Off Cannabis (Thorold) 
Garden City Cannabis Co (St. Catharines / Welland / Fort Erie)
UpHi Cannabis  Emporium (St. Catharines) 
The Niagara Herbalist (St. Catharines) 
Paradise Cannabis (Welland / Niagara Falls / Fort Erie)
My Cannabis Shoppe (St. Catharines) 
The Hempire (St. Catharines) 
Top Finest Cannabis (St. Catharines) 

We’re thankful for everyone’s generosity. We couldn’t have done any of this without the good nature and kindness of the shops participating.

Of course, the most important thanks has to go-to our customers. Our thoughtful customers who smoke our products and still remember to grab that bag of donations on the way out the door. Seriously, Thank you. 

Local Shops for a Local Cause