August 13, 2022

You Might Think That You Can’t But With The “Uni Pro,” YOCAN.

Tired of that freebee vape clogging up on you? Looking for something that gives you more control over your haul. 
This is the battery for you. 

The YOCAN Uni Pro

If you’ve asked about cannabis vapes at Garden City, you know we’re huge fans of the YOCAN Uni Pro. Compared to its competitors in the 510-cartridge space, we believe this is the best bang for your buck.  With a huge selection of colours, this convenient battery will have you blowing big stinky clouds in no time. 

Features of the YOCAN Uni Pro

This little guy packs a punch with a powerful 650 mAh battery. Whether you're blowing clouds with distillates or lightly burning live resin. The YOCAN Uni Pro allows you to adjust your voltage to get the best out of your desired cartridge. It features a handy 10-second preheating function that will quickly heat up when you want it, and keep the battery alive when you don’t.

A simple push of the button gets you started and in the event that you forget (which you probably will,) no need to worry about wasting the battery power. One of the best parts of this battery is its 15-second safety shutoff. 

The adjustment range is between 2.0v - 4.2v, which makes it one of the most advanced vapes for dialing in your desired temperature. The height slider will allow different size atomizers, so you don’t have to worry if it will fit when trying something new. 


How to: Use the YOCAN Uni Pro


You’ll likely need to screw on the adaptor (included) into your 510 cart first. Take off the plastic packaging and screw in the adaptor to the bottom of the cart. Once it’s in, you can choose any of 3 heights with the switch on the back toward the bottom. Then, slide the roller toward the top of your YOCAN to fit your cart size and make it sturdy.


Click the button above the OLED display to power it on, and use the two arrow buttons beneath the display to dial in your desired voltage. If you’re looking for bigger clouds then a higher voltage is required. Be cautious, too big and too hot burns through much faster and can sometimes clog up the cart. Once you’re up and running, try messing around with the voltage and find something that works for you.


Preparing your YOCAN for a haul is as easy as clicking and holding down the button above the OLED display. Take your haul, and let go of then button when you’re done. That’s it. 

Although, it is that simple. What we suggest, is double-clicking the button above the display. Your YOCAN will preheat and reach the desired temp. Then clicking and holding down the button will be a guaranteed slam every time. 



Pound for pound, this powerful little battery's value adds up, at a great price. That is why we almost always suggest in-store and here online. 


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