Confusion in Garden City Cannabis Co.

June 27, 2022

What the heck is an “Infused” Pre-Roll?

They're perhaps the most sensational “new” product in dispensaries across the country - but what’s really going on with these things? 
Infused with what, exactly?

The short answer is hash, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. The idea behind an infused pre-roll is to offer a comparable high to an at-home dab rig, with the discreet convenience of a joint. They say good things come in small packages … and they’re right. Anything infused is justifiably more expensive, and that’s because of the premium product inside. In theory, high-end flower infused with a high-end hash will crank the terpene profile all the way up to 11 (not literally, of course). 


We’ve selected 3 options that are great comparative pre-rolls. 
Take a look and feel free to reach out or ask our budtenders if you have any questions!


DAB BODS - Grape Ape Resin Infused Pre-Roll 3-Pack | 1.5g

DAB Bods' resin-infused pre-rolls are custom-designed for people who truly love cannabis and only want the most out of their experience. Starting with locally grown craft bud and delicately infusing it with top-selling resin to provide a smooth smoke with the powerful kick of a concentrate. The resin-infused pre-rolls maintain all of the terpenes from the live plant and combine them with cured, hand-crafted flower in a convenient 0.5g format for individual consumption. These pre-rolls feature the popular strain 'Grape Ape' - an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been known for its strong genetics, Afghani and Medocino Purps. Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus flavour profiles explode out of these three-pack pre-rolls. Providing you with a perfect combination of concentrate and pre-roll, Dab Bods infused pre-rolls are a must-have to share with friends.


GOOD SUPPLY - Hash Bats: Starwalker Kush Hash Infused Pre-Roll 3-Pack | 1.5g

Starwalker Kush’s high-flying spicy diesel notes just got juiced. 
Flower infused with potent hash delivers a next-level experience in the convenience of a handcrafted 0.5 g pre-roll. Good Supply Hash Bats knock it out of the park.


Qwest - Sour Tangie Diamond Infused Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g

Digging deep within our genetics vault, we are bringing back a limited release of our best in a new way. Qwest is rejuvenating the gems of our past harvests by dripping them in diamonds - THCa to be more specific. Crafted from premium cultivars and coated in a high-caliber THCa crystal, Sour Tangie Diamond Infused pre-rolls will make you pucker. Effervescent, tart, sour, and citrus.