Caps Junky X Jealousy

May 15, 2024

Volo Takes Flight

Caps Junky X Jealousy Available at Garden City Cannabis Co Niagara St

If you’re searching for the ultimate cannabis experience, you’ve come to the right place. At Volo, the sky's the limit. All of our top-shelf flowers were bred, pheno-hunted and cultivated using Capulator Genetics. Cap has a true legendary reputation for producing quads, and settles for nothing less than absurdly good cannabis. Which means that’s all we’ll offer you.

Our name was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s desire to invent a flying machine. He was a genius, always pushing boundaries. Always open to new possibilities. In our own way, we’ve created a flying machine designed to take you to new heights. Are you ready to Volo?

Caps Junky X Jealousy Available at Garden City Cannabis Co

Right from the beginning, Volo wanted to bring Canadian smokers only the best. We never fly economy and neither should you. So we did our homework. And there, at Emerald Cup in 2021, we saw a beacon in the fog. Capulator Genetics. They had the flower we were looking for. And a partnership was born.

California is synonymous with cannabis. It’s where Cap grew their reputation. A perfect climate and talented breeders keep the hits coming, like MAC and Jealousy. Naturally, if you have a better product, people will seek it out. Or to borrow a phrase from a famous movie; if you grow it, they will come.

Caps Junky X Jealousy Available at Garden City Cannabis Co 4th Ave

To create absurdly good cannabis, VOLO takes a very hands-on approach. These small batches are handcrafted, from seed to shelf.

We don’t use marker-assisted breeding. The science is cool, but it’s like being on autopilot. Seed selection is based on experience we get from the plants. If you get too big you lose the essence of the art. You can’t know 1,000 phenotypes on a large scale.

We are in the garden every day. Smelling the plants. Touching them. Tasting them. Smoking them. We compare the process to being a chef, using our lifetime of knowledge to have created a new recipe. To have something that no one else has is exciting. That’s everything to VOLO.

Caps Junky X Jealousy Available at Garden City Cannabis Co East Main St

Capulator, a renowned cannabis breeder, has been a significant figure in the cannabis industry since he began breeding in 1996. Known for producing some of the most potent and frosty strains available, Capulator has gained international acclaim for his exceptional cannabis genetics. His expertise and passion for breeding have placed him at the forefront of the cannabis world, particularly through the creation of the legendary MAC 1 strain, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies 1​​​​. The MAC 1 strain, a masterpiece of Capulator's breeding skills, is a hybrid combining Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Colombian. It's celebrated for its high THC levels, reaching up to 30%, and its unique terpene profile that offers a captivating aroma. This strain exemplifies an uplifting, euphoric high coupled with deep relaxation. Its popularity is evident among dispensaries, cultivators, and enthusiasts alike, making it a staple in the cannabis community. Many breeders have used MAC 1 to create a variety of powerful crosses, expanding its influence in modern cannabis strains​​​​. Capulator's journey in cannabis breeding is marked by a love for discovering new, winning strains. Starting with Alien Cookies and culminating in the MAC, his work has significantly impacted the industry. Despite being somewhat of a recluse, Capulator's contributions to cannabis genetics and cultivation are widely recognized and celebrated​​.

Caps Junky X Jealousy Available at Garden City Cannabis Co Garrison Rd

ABOUT SEED JUNKY Seed Junky started in the early 2000’s in a small garage in Southern California where JBeezy’s passion for growing and breeding cannabis started. As a hands-on cultivator, his relentless breeding and pheno-hunting led to the creation of Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Kush Mints, The Soap, Jealousy, and hundreds of other top shelf strains for several brands nationwide. Being a Seed Junky is a way of life - We are connected directly to cultivators and create genetics for the best in the game.