Platinum Grapes 14g Craft Grown by Garden City Cannabis Co & Safari Flower Co

August 8, 2023

Platinum Grapes 14g | Craft Grown by Garden City X Safari Flower Co

Safari Flower Co | Niagara's Most Sought After Craft Growing Facility

Niagara's Hometown Craft Growers: Safari Flower Co. 

Aside From Operating in Niagara, What Makes Safari Stand Out?

Highly Controlled Rooms
Safari Flower is located in the Niagara Region and has the capacity to produce up to 140 kg of dry, high-quality cannabis per crop and up to 5 million grams per year. 

Consistent Quality, Every time
All environment conditions, irrigation requirements, light intensity and nutritional needs can be tailored to each individual crop. Formulating a custom, full spectrum hydroponic nutrients for our renowned cultivars allows us to maximum the quality of each harvest. 

Micro-Propagation Lab Services
Our tissue culture services generate clean plants that grow faster and root reliably under our controlled lab environment.

Energy Efficient
Our hydronic Cogen system allows us to achieve ideal indoor environments with the lowest impact on the environment. When performing crop work, it is never about speed, its always about quality. We start with the best genetics available and take every opportunity to add value to our product. Its incredible the impact a bit of extra effort makes.

Grown in Niagara. Lead by a female management team.
"Diverse cultivars with distinguished aromas for our new generation and sophisticated smokers.
Safari Flower is located in Fort Erie, Ontario, and is the only licensed producer in the Niagara Region led by a female management team.
Employing a high premium growth model; with the ability to adapt rapidly to meet clients’ and consumers’ demands.
Once at peak maturity, with the help of different technologies during harvest, we are able to concentrate on the last stage of the trimming process. We focus on showcasing the unique visual texture and complex aromas that deliver an untamed and extraordinary.
We treat every crop with a high level of care to ensure the quality meets our high standards. We organize ourselves in a way that maximizes staffing flexibility which allows us to provide the exact treatment our plants need exactly when they need it." - Safari Flower Co

Only $69.99 (Making it one of the least expensive 14g on the market… and IT'S CRAFT GROWN) 
SHOP 14g PLATINUM GRAPES | by Garden City Cannabis Co X Safari Flower Co.  

Stacie Hollingworth | Master Grower for Safari Flower Co

Safari Flower Co's Stacie Hollingworth named Master Grower of the Year at 2022 Grow Up Industry Awards 
“Hollingworth was one of only three females nominated in her category, which recognizes the professional grower whose dedication to their craft consistently produces top quality crops for the marketplace and a positive workplace for the sector."

“What excites me about the work I do is not only making Canada known on the global market as a leader in commercial and medical cannabis standards, but to help propel Niagara as a craft cannabis destination,”
- Stacie Hollingworth

Platinum Grapes Available at Garden City Cannabis Co in Niagara | Nug Breakdown

Grape Ape is a well-known indica-dominant cannabis strain that is popular in the world of marijuana enthusiasts. It is renowned for its distinctive grape-like aroma, strong relaxing effects, and beautiful appearance. Here are some key details about the Grape Ape strain:

Genetics and Origins: Grape Ape is believed to be a crossbreed between the Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and an Afghani landrace strain. The exact genetic lineage can vary depending on the specific breeder and version of the strain.
Appearance: The buds of Grape Ape are typically dense and compact, with shades of deep purple and green. They are often covered in a generous layer of trichomes, which gives them a frosty and sticky texture.
Aroma and Flavor: As the name suggests, Grape Ape has a strong grape-like aroma, often accompanied by sweet and fruity undertones. When smoked or vaporized, the strain tends to maintain its grape flavor, mixed with earthy and hash-like notes.
Effects: Grape Ape is known for its potent Indica effects. Consumers often report feeling deeply relaxed and sedated after consuming this strain. It's a popular choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Due to its strong relaxing properties, it's recommended for evening or nighttime use. Some users also experience a sense of euphoria and mild creative stimulation before the indica effects take over.
Medical Benefits: The relaxing and sedating effects of Grape Ape can be beneficial for medical cannabis patients. It is often used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. However, it's important to consult a medical professional before using cannabis for medical purposes.
Cultivation: Grape Ape can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although it tends to thrive in a controlled indoor environment where temperature and humidity can be carefully managed. The plants are typically of medium height, and they produce moderate yields of dense, resinous buds.
Popularity: Grape Ape has gained popularity not only for its effects but also for its unique appearance and aroma. Its strong grape scent sets it apart from many other strains.


Neville's Trainwreck is a legendary and potent sativa-dominant cannabis strain that holds a special place in the history of marijuana breeding. It is often associated with the renowned cannabis breeder Neville Schoenmakers, who is considered one of the pioneers in the development of high-quality cannabis genetics. Neville's Haze is sometimes referred to as "Neville's Wreck" or simply “Haze.” Here are some key details about Neville's Haze strain:

Genetics and Origins: Neville's Haze is believed to be a complex hybrid that originated from the combination of Haze genetics with various landrace strains. It is said to be a cross between Northern Lights #5, Haze, and another Haze strain. The precise genetic lineage can vary depending on the source and version of the strain.
Effects: Neville's Haze is known for its powerful and energetic sativa effects. Users often report experiencing a strong cerebral high that is characterized by creativity, euphoria, and heightened sensory perception. This strain is not recommended for novice users due to its potency and potential for inducing anxiety or paranoia in sensitive individuals.
Aroma and Flavor: Neville's Haze typically has a complex and diverse aroma profile. It can feature notes of earthiness, pine, spice, and hints of citrus. The taste can be similarly intricate, with a mix of herbal and spicy flavors that are often accompanied by a mild sweetness.
Appearance: The buds of Neville's Haze are usually elongated and dense, covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The coloration can vary, but it often includes shades of green with hints of orange and brown pistils.
Medical Uses: Due to its potent sativa effects, Neville's Haze is often sought after by medical cannabis patients looking to combat conditions such as depression, fatigue, and lack of focus. However, its strong psychoactive properties might not be suitable for everyone, and caution is advised for those who are sensitive to THC.
Cultivation: Growing Neville's Haze can be challenging, as it tends to have a longer flowering period and requires careful attention to environmental factors. It is known to produce tall plants with long internodal spacing. The longer flowering time often contributes to the strain's potent effects.
Popularity and Legacy: Neville's Haze is considered a classic strain within the cannabis community and has influenced the genetics of many modern hybrids. Its strong sativa effects and distinct aroma have contributed to its enduring popularity among experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Garden City Cannabis Co | Niagaras Craft Collection | Platinum Grapes 14g | Nug Shot

We're SUPER proud about how well this turned out! 
The team at Safari Flower Co absolutely knocked this out of the park! 

Spicy floral fusion and grape flavour
Uplifting and long-lasting effects
THC 24-30%
TERPS 1.5-2.5%

"The Platinum Grape 14g bag is a premium product for those who seek a high-quality, potent strain. This particular strain is known for its fruity aroma, with hints of grape and earthy undertones. Its high THC content makes it an ideal choice for experienced users who appreciate a strong, long-lasting high. The 14g bag is an excellent option for those who frequently use cannabis or for those hosting a social gathering. The buds themselves are tightly packed, expertly cured, and feature a beautiful trichome coating that shimmers in the light." - Safari Flower Co

Only $69.99 (Making it one of the least expensive 14g on the market… and IT'S CRAFT GROWN) 
SHOP 14g PLATINUM GRAPES | by Garden City Cannabis Co X Safari Flower Co.  

How Do We Like The Platinum Grapes?

“They're Grrrrrapes!” - Bergy the Tiger