Niagaras Craft Collection sold at Garden City Cannabis Co

June 28, 2023

Niagara’s Craft Collection | Garden City Cannabis Co

WiFire….ElFuego….& Sunset Octane!!!

If you’ve been into our stores lately, you may have noticed we have teamed up with Safari Flower Co.  That is located here in Ft.Erie!
Now we are able to offer our customers cannabis products that have our name on them!! we are very excited here at Garden City Cannabis Co. to bring you Craft Flower, and Pre-Roll options.

Crafted with precision, small batch & indoor grown. In state-of-the-art growing facilities.

Wifire 1x1g Blunt | Niagaras Craft Collection |Garden City Cannabis Co

We are pleased to offer a 1g high-quality hemp wrap blunt called Wifire!

This is a sativa dominant 1 g blunt. The strain is 8-Ball X WiFi#3 Coming in around 28% THC these hemp rolled blunts taste sweet, and man do they hit!!  And at $15/1g We’re sure you will be as happy as we are about them!!]

SHOP WIFire 1x1g Blunt ($15.00) 
ST. CATHARINES | WELLAND (Niagara Street) | FORT ERIE | WELLAND (East Main) 

El Fuego 3.5g | Niagaras Craft Collection | Garden City Cannabis Co

Our Second  Launch on the scene, is our Indica dominant 3.5g flower, El FUEGO!!

Which in Spanish means FIRE!! Bearing dark, green and purple, nice round, buds, covered in frosty trichomes that give off a creamy vanilla sugar taste, a bit funky, with a sweet and sour finish.

The terpenes listed are pinene, humulene, and terpinolene. So if you are looking for a nice, happy, relaxing, but focussed high without too bad of the munchies…. This strain is for you! It’s a nice smooth, smoking experience, and $35 for 3.5g Wow! Get me some!

SHOP El Fuego 1x3.5g Flower ($34.99) 
ST. CATHARINES | WELLAND (Niagara Street) | FORT ERIE | WELLAND (East Main) 

Sunset Octane 2x1g Blunts | Niagara Craft Collection | Garden City Cannabis Co

And last but not least, Sunset Octane!! At Garden City Cannabis Co. We have our new 2g blunt, sativa dominant and wrapped in a high-quality hemp wrap that are only $25 for 2X1g!

Also, with a high THC level, sitting around 28% this strain is Sunset Octane, crossed with Sunset Sherbert. The flavours in this strain are best described as spicy diesel with a sweet and earthy inhale. So if you like a 2 for 1g option check out Sunset Octane!!

SHOP Sunset Octane 2x1g Blunts ($24.99) 
ST. CATHARINES | WELLAND (Niagara Street) | FORT ERIE | WELLAND (East Main) 


PSST… please stay tuned for our next baby, 14g Flower is on the way!!! ✌️

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Product Review by Stacy, your friendly Budtender @ G.C.C.C. 
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