K. Haring Collection | Garden City Cannabis Co.

October 6, 2022

K.Haring Collection | Garden City Cannabis Co.

Keith Haring was an American artist famous for his street-inspired art, and as a forerunner in using fashion and product to connect his works to a diverse, global audience. A vibrant visionary who used broad, bold strokes and groundbreaking imagery to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion, Haring united New York City street culture with pop art to create his own iconic visual language that continues to engage and excite.

K. Haring Collection | Yellow K. Haring Collection | Blue K. Haring Collection | Monochrome

Here's the best part… IT'S CROPtober! 
That means all our accessories are ON SALE this month! (including the K. Haring Collection) 

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Stuff to do? We'll deliver this to you, FOR FREE 😊 We're proud to offer free weed delivery (including accessories) to Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Thorold, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Port Colborne and Pelham. 



Author: Jacob Bergsma