Steeprock THC Infused Coffee Pods

September 13, 2022

Infused Coffee Pods

Headed out for a pre-Autumn activity? 
You're grabbing a coffee before you get there anyhow, right? 
Maybe this will be the reason you finally decide to start making coffee at home 😊 

Here's what STEEPROCK has to say about this K-Cups.
Steeprock Functional Coffee est. 420 is a first-to-market innovative line of nano-infused coffee pods, compatible with K-cup type coffee machines. The 100% Arabica coffee brews like a normal K-cup, and the THC emulsion powder dissolves completely to deliver a hot cup of infused coffee with enhanced onset and bio-availability.

Honestly, this THC-infused coffee seems so convenient it's hard to believe it's true. 
Here are some reviews from REDDIT

“It had a nice deep roasted coffee smell to it.”

“It's different when u drink it as opposed to edibles. I eat 100mg gummies just to take the pain away, but with the drinks because they kick it fast 10mg will do you just fine”

“yall are lucky in Ontario. So many different products. Hell we can't even get edibles or vape cartdriges in Quebec, not to mention coffee pods!”


You won't believe it until you try it 😊 

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