As dictated by our customers the TOP 5 products of 2024 so far in Niagara

February 12, 2024

“Highest” Ranked | February 2024 | Garden City Cannabis Co

According to our customers in Niagara, take a look at what the most popular (or "highest" ranked) products of 2024 are.. so far! 

1 | BLKMKT Cannabis Exclusives - Top 5 Products of 2024 | February | Garden City Cannabis Co

BLKMKT - Exclusives
“Limited drops where we bring some of our rarest, most unique genetics to life. Always Handcrafted, from Our Genetics, Our Growers, and grown in Our Facilities. Graded & Hand Packaged into premium matte-black glass jars.” - The OCS

Reviewed by Dr_FA:
I had issues finding this bad boy originally, checked hibuddy and saw a local store was carrying it, rushed over to grab one. Immediately upon opening the jar you're hit with a great aroma of sweet berries and kush (I've never been great at describing smells, but it's fucking bomb)
Appearance - 10/10 Just f*&$% frosty and coated with trichomes, it felt like a crime, busting up the fat nug
Aroma - 9/10 Only because I can't tell anything for shit but I know it smells bomb, its pungent and lingers and oh baby is it lovely
Taste - 10/10 BLK MKT nailed it, if you like jealousy, or the bacio you're for sure going to love this, I wanted to smoke more to get another hit, I'm sure if I vaped this it would taste exactly like it smells, smoking out of glass though I didn't have that gross ash taste that you sometimes get with cheaper weed etc.

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2 | Back Forty Cannabis Liquid Imagination  - Top 5 Products of 2024 | February | Garden City Cannabis Co

BACK FORTY - Liquid Imagination 
“Let your imagination run wild with Back Forty’s latest cultivar – Liquid Imagination. A cross between Blue Zktlz x Jet Fuel Gelato, this potent hybrid boasts rich dark green buds adorned with orange pistils and chock-full of trichomes. With a flavour profile that blends sweetness with a pinch of gas, Liquid Imagination is a real treat for your senses.” - Back Forty

Reviewed by nohoesjosh:
Back Forty’s Liquid Imagination. B40 really hit it out of the park. Blue Zktls x Jet Fuel Gelato.

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3 | Nugz Cannabis Slapz  - Top 5 Products of 2024 | February | Garden City Cannabis Co

NUGZ - Slapz

From Nugz: 
Lineage: Runtz x Grease Monkey
Breeder: Exotic Genetix
If you were a gamer in the late 90’s, you’ll be slapped right into nostalgic memories of a pixelated magic hand that slapped you around.

After all these years, we are arming you to fight back. Slapz, a powerful new Indica strain from Nugz!
Open the bag, Slapz !
Right from the first inhale you can tell this is a powerhouse.
The parent strains make Slapz an Indica dominant Hybrid with a heavy-hand!
Take a puff, Slapz !
The flavours of Diesel, backed by hints of fruit and pepper linger on your tongue while the effects go to work immediately on your senses.

Pheno : 25
THC : 21-28%
DOMINANT TERPENES : Caryophyllene, Limonene Linalool, Myrcene

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4 | MTL Cannabis Wes Coast Kush - Top 5 Products of 2024 | February | Garden City Cannabis Co

MTL - Wes Coast Kush
“MTL’S WES` COAST KUSH is an indica-dominant strain. The flower is a hazy light green colour with purple undertones and is covered in white crystal trichomes. The smoke is packed with a sweet, earthy and spice like taste that finally culminates in a diesel after taste.” - MTL 

Reviewed by StonerRadio: 
In my experience (on the legal market) WCK has consistently been one of the best strains available. I've been smoking it for about a year now and have yet to be disappointed. In fact, I replaced what I was buying from the alternative market (K.O. Pink) with WCK for treating my neuropathy and the K.O. Pink was pretty damn good. This is better both as a medicinal and recreational strain, hands down. And much lower in price which was a shocker.

I can honestly say that after dealing with neuropathy for a couple of decades now, Wes' Coast Kush is easily the best weed I've smoked to treat it. And the fact that it's also a really friggin' good rec strain as well makes it truly one of the best strains I've smoked in at least 20 years. Not THE best necessarily, but certainly one of the best. One of the main reasons it's so enjoyable is it doesn't make me tired or lethargic but it does help me get to sleep at night.

WCK is a solid 10/10 to me.

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5 | SHOSHA Cannabis Crab Cakes  - Top 5 Products of 2024 | February | Garden City Cannabis Co

SKOSHA - Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes are a Nova Scotian delicacy typically made with snow crab caught off the coast of scenic Cape Breton Island. They are known the world over as an elevated appetizer.

Crab Cakes by SKOSHA is a potent, sativa-dominant cross of Snow Lotus and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), which offers the creamy flavour profile you expect from a GSC strain along with bright notes of fruit and berries.  Snow Lotus is a strain of cannabis known for its potent effects and unique flavour profile. It is often described as having a sweet, floral, and earthy taste with hints of citrus and pine. When Snow Lotus and Girl Scout Cookies are crossed, the resulting hybrid strain is likely to inherit some of the characteristics of both parent strains. This could include a sweet and floral taste with undertones of cookie and citrus, as well as a potent high that is relaxing and euphoric. SKOHSA’s crab cakes continue to be grown, completely irradiation free ensuring a true craft experience.

THC 32-36% | CBD O-1%

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