Free Glass Blowing Demo | Thursday April 20th at GCCC | 420 ExtravaGanja

April 20, 2023

Free Glass Blowing Demo | Thursday April 20th at GCCC | 420 ExtravaGanja

Glass blowing is a process of shaping molten glass into various forms by blowing air through a tube, while using tools to manipulate the glass. The glass is first melted in a furnace or kiln, and then gathered onto a blowpipe, which is used to blow air into the glass to create the desired shape. The glass can then be manipulated with tools such as shears, paddles, and tweezers to refine the form. Glass blowing has been used for centuries to create a wide range of glass objects, including vessels, sculptures, and decorative items. It requires skill, patience, and precision, and is often practiced as a form of art or craft.

Glass blowing bowls for cannabis require a certain level of skill and experience to create. The process involves heating and manipulating glass at high temperatures, and requires a steady hand, an eye for detail, and an understanding of glass properties. Creating glass blowing bowls for cannabis typically involves several steps, including gathering molten glass onto a blowpipe, shaping the glass using various tools, and adding color or other decorative elements if desired. Depending on the complexity of the design, a single bowl can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to create. Mastering the art of glass blowing can take years of practice, and even experienced glassblowers may encounter challenges and setbacks during the process. However, with dedication and persistence, it's possible to develop the skills needed to create intricate and beautiful glass bowls for cannabis.

FREE Live Demonstration from BenWa Glass

We're so excited to have the one and only BenWa Glass joining us for this event! 
We're Ontario's biggest distributor of BenWa Glass and know Niagara loves his stuff! We see it every day in our stores. 

Ben will be set up at 623 Niagara street from 11am-5pm! 

Free Dab Mats to the first 25 buds who visit

To celebrate the big day, we're giving away 25 FREE dab mats at each of our stores! 
All you have to do is show up! We made these special for the demo 😊 

Free Munchies at 623 Niagara Street

We're giving away FREE MUNCHIES at 623 Niagara Street! 
Our “buds” at Mcdonald's (next door) will be cooking up some tasty treats! 

All 4 of our stores have HUGH promos on 420

Can't make it to 623 Niagara Street in Welland?
Don't sweat it! We're doing HUGH in-store promos and giveaways at all 4 of our locations!

We don't mess around on 420! 

If you're looking to shop for the holidays. We offer free delivery in Niagara. Just click “delivery” at checkout and we'll come to you. For free! 

420 ExtravaGanja | Thursday April 20th at Garden City Cannabis Co 420 ExtravaGanja | Thursday April 20th at Garden City Cannabis Co

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