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April 28, 2022

Finger Licking Good Hoodies, Long-sleeves and Tees

If you're from Welland, you likely know this already but where our store sits, once stood an iconic fried chicken dispensary. 

Personally, I remember it well. In fact, as a former student of Niagara College, I remember it.. probably too well. But I'm not alone in this, it acted as a pillar of Welland's munchie empire for a long time. That's why we want to pay homage to the finger-licking good times that have been spent here.


Who better to collab on a Welland-centric project like this than our friends at PRESSTIME DESIGNS
As someone who travels throughout the country, I can say with great confidence that oftentimes when you bring up the city of Welland outside of Niagara. Someone will mention Presstime Designs. They've built a country-wide reputation for creating and printing some of the most incredible band and small business tee's. We couldn't be happier with how these turned out. 

CLICK HERE and pick one up today in our Welland Store today 😊 

HIGHLY suggest doing a CITY TV's Fashion Television style runway walk. If you do, PLEASE TAG US. 



Written by: Jacob Bergsma