Nugz Products Available at Garden City Cannabis Co

April 23, 2024

Bust up your Nugz this May at GCCC!

Nugz is the sister company to Tribal, a Canadian producer from Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The company's focus is on providing high-quality cannabis products to consumers across Canada. Nugz sources its products from licensed producers that meet strict quality standards to ensure that customers receive the best possible products. The brand focuses on affordability and making full spectrum concentrates, hash, infused pre-rolls, and edibles using mixtures of Tribals high quality live resins. With 3 indica dominant and 1 sativa dominant blend, the current 4 strain blends are:

Nugz Available at Garden City Cannabis Co 4th Ave

G.Sherb: The fusion of sweet and sour candy flavor with creamy gelato creates a playful and indulgent taste experience. Picture the vibrant, tangy sweetness of sour candy seamlessly melded with the luxurious richness of velvety gelato. Each puff, offers a delightful contrast of flavors, where the bright, zesty notes of the sour candy dance alongside the luscious, smooth texture of the gelato. It's a whimsical combination that tantalizes the taste buds with its harmonious blend of sweet and sour, leaving you with a refreshing and satisfying sensation that lingers long after the last toke.

Available as 510 cart or infused pre-rolls (3x0.6g)

Nugz Available at Garden City Cannabis Co Niagara St

Galactic Burger: The taste of garlic and diesel can be quite distinctive. Imagine a robust combination of pungent garlic with earthy, slightly fuel-like undertones reminiscent of diesel fuel. It's a unique blend that can offer a savory, bold flavor profile with a hint of sharpness and depth.

Available as hash, 510 cart, or infused pre-rolls (3x0.6g)

Nugz Available at Garden City Cannabis Co East Main St

Lemon Linx: The Lemon Linx combination offers a tantalizing blend of lime and lemon flavors in its smoke. Picture the invigorating zest of freshly squeezed lemons intertwined with the tangy brightness of ripe limes. As you inhale, your senses are greeted with a burst of citrusy freshness that enlivens the palate. The lemon contributes its signature tartness, while the lime adds a slightly sweeter, more tropical undertone. Together, they create a vibrant and refreshing smoke experience that tingles the taste buds and leaves a lingering, sweet sensation. It's a perfect choice for those craving a bright and uplifting smoking experience.

Available as hash, 510 cart, or infused pre-rolls (3x0.6g)

Nugz Available at Garden City Cannabis Co Garrison Rd

Slerple: Picture the soft, slightly yeasty essence of freshly baked dough intertwined with the juicy, tangy notes of ripe clementines. It's a harmonious combination where the doughy richness adds a comforting backdrop to the refreshing burst of citrus, creating a uniquely satisfying taste experience.

Available as hash or 510 cart

Nugz Happle Available at Garden City Cannabis Co

Also available at Garden City Cannabis Co is a wide variety of Nugz accessories such as hats, fanny packs and the Happle. In partnership with Errlectric Dave, Nugz is re-releasing these phenomenal pipes. A perfect pairing with Nugz Old School Product, the Häpple is a classy take on an ancient accessory. You’ll feel like you’re pontificating away in a study, sitting in a leather lounger, fire crackling at your feet. All the while your Nugz Häpple is churning away, just building up the densest cloud possible. When you’re ready, just tilt the stem and inhale. Elegance, sophistication, and just a damn good time… The Nugz Häpple delivers!